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Let the sun shine.

Skylights are a great way to add natural light to the dark spaces in your home. We’re here to help you maintain your existing skylights as a valuable element of your sustainable living space. If your skylight is leaking there are two possible causes: 1) there is a problem with the seal between the skylight and the roof or 2) the dome is cracked. Desert Living can determine the cause and advise as to the least disruptive and therefore the least expensive solution.

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Collect the rain.

Active rainwater harvesting takes advantage of the rain that falls on your roof as a free resource. Rain tanks harvest roof runoff, collecting it in the rainy months and storing it to be used in our dry months. We’ll help you size a tank that is appropriate to your space constraints and landscape water demands. We can also provide you with a landscape design plan that you can submit to receive the Tucson Water Rainwater Rebate.

Passive rainwater harvesting involves shaping the earth to create low spots, sometimes referred to as retention/detention basins. Water that falls on the landscape or runs off of hard surfaces is directed to these basins. Plants are a critical element of passive water harvesting features. They provide many services including soil structure improvement, erosion reduction or elimination, water infiltration, wildlife habitat, and shade.  We’ll help you create a beautiful self-supporting native garden with the large variety of colorful plant options available to us here in the Sonoran Desert.

By re-shaping the earth around your home, we can change the way water flows across your property, transforming water into an asset. There are many effective techniques available to us to address your specific needs. Typically, these projects will include building rain gardens and hardscape removal and will use materials such as earth, rocks, gravels, organic mulches, plants, and seed mixes.

Generally, homes are designed to discharge greywater and blackwater to the sewer. However, greywater is a valuable resource that can be used on site to irrigate your landscape. We can help you identify opportunities for greywater harvesting and recommend the optimum system. We commonly install laundry to landscape, branch drain, and infiltration chamber style systems. There is an additional water harvesting rebate that can be applied toward the cost of greywater systems.


Grow food.

This is a broad term for agroforestry with an edible twist, which comprises companion planting of native and exotics. This type of design requires a commitment to infiltrating tens of thousands of gallons of water annually to create deep soil wetting patterns for our exotic fruit trees. By giving your outdoor living space multiple water sources and recommending delicious native edibles that attract pollinators for fruit production, we’ll help you achieve a most resilient edible landscape.

Want fresh beefsteak tomatoes and hot house cukes at home year round? Impossible in Tucson? Not with a greenhouse! We’ll have you feeding the whole family with our super strong rombic dome greenhouses. Our panels are constructed of PVC and Solexx™ so are lightweight and allow for an ideal 85% diffused light dispersion to never burn plants. Additionally, ask us about using your cistern to run the evaporative cooler corrosion-free with naturally soft rainwater. Learn More

Chickens can be a great addition to your food-producing landscape. We see buying grain as a more sustainable practice of nourishment tradition. Plus you get some pretty birds to look at and fresh eggs you know are safe. With a few minor changes to the panel materials, our rombic dome structures make wonderful chicken houses. We would love to help you incorporate one into your outdoor living system.

Bees are in integral part of a healthy ecosystem and are critical to abundant food production. By joining our bee co-op program, you can help support a healthy bee population in Tucson…and savor some of the sweet rewards!


Live outside.

I remember that moment I saw my first cardinal in the yard. It was such a delightful surprise and gift. Picking out the right plant can be confusing and challenging given all the options at our local nurseries. Let’s have a chat or go for a short plant walk, and we’ll get your plant palette tuned just right so that you get the critters you are excited to see around your native garden.

When we were kids we would climb into that tall tree house in the dead eucalyptus, masters of the universe. We’d stop at Windy Point back before the railing was installed and jump from rock to rock. We’d jump on stumps of giant ponderosas cut long ago. Bringing this energy to our homescapes is valuable for all kids’ development and our adult psyches alike. Turn off the pad and come out and play on some real boulders, berms, and logs!

Another favorite greywater harvesting technique, we’ll get you steamin’ up the shade garden in no time. Did we also mention our domes come in redwood and make great shower shade structures? Look at this one!