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The owners were tired of turf. They were ready to replace their high-maintenance lawn with a native, water-harvesting landscape.


The Solution

We transformed their yard into an outdoor living space where they can enjoy the company of family, friends, and wildlife. Roof runoff was directed to basin planting areas with popup emitters. These basins were lined with steel edging rather than rock. A dry-set flagstone path serves as a transition from the flagstone patio to the stabilized DG fire pit gathering area.

Design Elements

  • water harvesting earthworks
  • steel-edged basins
  • raised flagstone paths
  • popups from gutters and patio drains
  • native + near-native plants
  • fruit trees

Featured Plants

Asclepias linaria
Asclepias linaria
Abutilon palmeri
Abutilon palmeri