September 2015


This rain garden site was installed as part of a series of rain gardens in Feldman's Neighborhood, along 1st Avenue. The project was intended to help mitigate street flooding, improve stormwater quality, reduce the urban heat island effect, and reintroduce wildlife habitat. 


The Solution

Most of the basins that were installed as part of this Conserve2Enhance grant-funded project have curb cuts to collect water off of the street. Because of the sidewalk configuration, the basins on the east side of St. Luke's Home collect direct rainfall as well as runoff from roof scuppers, rather than street runoff. The intention of these basins is to keep rainwater on the site longer, allowing more of it to infiltrate and reducing the volume of runoff that makes it to the street. 

The biggest challenge at this site has been the coordination of long-term maintenance. There have been several instances of severe mismanagement - destructive pruning and removal of plants - that have impacted the health and function of this green infrastructure system.

Design Elements

  • water harvesting earthworks
  • rock-armored basins and berms
  • swales from roof scuppers
  • native plants
  • revegetation seed mix

Featured Plants

Lycium fremontii
Lycium fremontii
Verbena goodingii
Verbena goodingii