Desert Living, Inc. offers landscape design-build services to Tucson residents.

We have an in-house install team and work with a select group of other landscape specialists to bring your desert landscape vision to life.

Our Vision

We envision urban landscapes that are infused with elements of habitat - food, water, shelter - that make them more livable.

  • reduced hardscape
  • increased vegetative coverage
  • living in balance with natural systems

Imagine if you could stroll through your neighborhood, picking fruit along the way.

Imagine if you could ride your bike along shaded pathways.

Imagine if your neighborhood park was vibrant with the colors, textures, and scents of native plants that were all surviving without supplemental irrigation.

Imagine if your yard was also home to native wildlife; rabbits, quail, cardinals, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Our whole city should be a garden!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional services to help people transform their spaces into livable landscapes. We also recognize that we can't achieve the vision alone. We strive to share our knowledge with others in the community who are working toward a similar vision.

Our Values

In order to achieve this vision and mission we need to embrace the following values:

  • equity
  • inclusivity/collaboration
  • innovation

Our Impact Since 2019

Cisterns Installed

The cisterns we install typically range in size from 550 to 5000 gallons.

Passive Rain Gardens

Passive water harvesting can be just as, or even more, impactful than active harvesting.


Plants are a critical element of highly functional green infrastructure systems.

Our Process

Design Consultation

The first step is to conduct a site analysis to identify design opportunities. This is normally achieved in a 1-2 hour site visit with our client.

Landscape Plan

The next stage is to prepare a layout plan showing placement of existing a proposed landscape elements. This can be used to estimate install cost.


We help you determine the best way to phase the install of your project and coordinate the project implementation.