Desert Living, Inc. strives to help people create livable landscapes through holistic landscape design. We believe that all elements of environmental and human systems are interconnected and should be regarded as a whole in order to create balance and optimize the potential for human and environmental health.

We specialize in projects involving rainwater harvesting, edible + medicinal gardens, greenhouses, chicken coops, and habitat creation. Our goal is to be responsive to the unique Sonoran Desert environment that we live in by using native plants and optimizing the use of rainwater and greywater to meet landscape water demands.

We offer design and installation services for rainwater harvesting systems and greywater systems. The Desert Living team helps people use those water resources to create edible landscapes and wildlife habitat. Our team would love to work with you to create a livable landscape that promotes your healthful lifestyle.

Contact us for an on-site consultation 520-834-6932.

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