Tucson, Arizona

Install Date:

December 2016


The owners were tired of watering the front lawn and wanted to add some curb appeal to their mid-town home that would reduce the water demand of their landscape. We directed gutter downspouts to popups in two large basins. We planted a lush mix of native shrubs and trees in the rain basins and accented the berms and mounds with cacti and succulents. Now their front yard is a lush, native pollinator garden with a variety of color and texture!

The front walkway was demolished and we worked with Mac Hicks and his team at Zonacrete to give the space an updated walkway. The perimeter fence was crafted by Kevin Blackwell of River Lane Remodeling.

Design elements included the following:

  • water harvesting earthworks
  • native + near-native plants
  • concrete walkway
  • steel fence


designed and installed while at Watershed Management Group