We Help You Create a Lush and Productive Landscape

by Maximizing Water Resources

Rainwater Harvesting

In this arid region, one of the most important factors in creating a comfortable outdoor living space is WATER. We get an average of 11 inches of rain each year and it is roughly split between two main rainy seasons. Because we get so little rainfall it is even more important to put what does fall on your property to beneficial use.

Two Ways to Harvest Rainwater


Passive harvesting entails shaping the earth to hold rain on your site and direct it to beneficial areas.

passive harvesting_water harvesting

Active harvesting entails collecting runoff from hard surfaces, like your roof, and storing it in a tank/cistern for future use.

tucson cistern_water harvesting

Greywater Harvesting

Greywater Harvesting can be another cost effective way of creating a lush landscape while also conserving water. One of the easiest sources of greywater to take advantage of is from your laundry machine. By diverting your laundry water to the landscape, you get two uses out of the same water. Ask us about how you can send your laundry water 75-100 ft through the landscape with multiple emitter points along the way!

Tucson Water Rebates

The City of Tucson encourages households to harvest water by offering rebates to do so. Two of the residential rebates that Tucson Water offers are for rainwater and greywater harvesting. Residential Tucson Water customers can receive up to $2000 to help install rainwater harvesting systems at their home and up to $1000 to help install a greywater system at their home.

Full list of rebate opportunities.

How Can you Take Advantage?

There are four things you need in order to take advantage of these rebate opportunities:

  1. rebate class
  2. a water harvesting layout plan
  3. a rebate pre-approval application
  4. a water harvesting system installed by a licensed contractor (That's us!)