Increase your food production with a
climate-controlled greenhouse. You'll be enjoying a variety of fresh veggies your-round!

Our team of landscape designers and horticulturalists is ready to collaborate with you to transform your unused outdoor space into a livable landscape.

Water is a precious resource in the desert, and we like to help clients make the most of rainwater and greywater resources to create a lush desert oasis. Ask us how you can take advantage of up to $3000 worth of Tucson Water rebates to cover the cost of your water harvesting project.

Our technicians use best practices and industry standards to install your active water harvesting system.

Your new garden deserves proper care to ensure its long-term health. We offer an alternative to the standard maintenance regime.

We'd love to help you with the replacement or repair of your existing skylights.

Our team has the expertise to help you make the most of your desert home.

Bring nature back to your home.

We'll help you expand your living space from the house into the garden.