Skylight Replacement & Repair – Call Brent at 520-907-2072

Desert Living, Inc., owned and operated in Tucson by Brent Olson since 1977, specializes in skylight replacement, leak detection, and repair. We are no longer doing new installations of skylights or tubes.

If your skylight is leaking there are two possible causes: 1) there is a problem with the seal between the skylight and the roof or 2) the dome is cracked. Desert Living can determine the cause and advise as to the least disruptive and therefore the least expensive solution.

Usually a leak between the skylight and the roof can be resealed without replacing the entire skylight.

Cracked domes can be replaced without replacing the entire skylight. The acrylic domes have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Existing skylights can be remodeled to become operable or work with a variety of blinds. They can also be remodeled to replace acrylic domes with insulated glass.

Call Desert Living for all your skylight upkeep needs!