The perfect material for custom greenhouse projects and more!

Solexx™ tops the charts for greenhouse covering options due to its superior performance. We stock 3.5mm rolls that are 49″ wide and we can cut to lengths to suit your project needs.

Dimensions: 49″ wide x variable length

When ordering, enter the total linear footage you need as the quantity you add to your cart.

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Whether you’re ready to build a custom greenhouse or re-cover an aging greenhouse, the possibilities are endless with Solexx flexible, twin-wall greenhouse covering. Solexx is easy to install while providing the best insulation possible.

Solexx™ tops the charts for greenhouse covering options due to its superior performance:

  • Solexx is strong and shatter proof.
  • Solexx greenhouse material diffuses sunlight throughout the greenhouse for optimal plant growth.
  • The double-walled insulated greenhouse material helps moderate temperature fluctuations.
  • It comes with a 10-year limited UV warranty/
Installation and Ordering Tips:
  • Solexx is flexible and can wrap around peaks and corners for a watertight seal.
  • Solexx scores and cuts easily – no power saw required.
  • Installs both horizontally and vertically (unlike polycarbonate) for less waste.
  • Available in custom length rolls up to 900′ long (fewer seams means better insulation and less work).
  • Join panels together with optional H-Channel, simply overlap the panels (panels are an extra 1″ for overlapping), or tape panel joints.
  • For optimum support, set studs or trusses 2′ apart on center.