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Wildlife Habitat


Tucson, Arizona

Install Date:

March 2013

The front yard of this home has been transformed from a barren gravel-scape into a livable landscape that is frequented by a variety of wildlife and that the clients enjoy spending time in. This project demonstrates how passive water harvesting and wildlife habitat creation can be applied on a residential scale to create a dynamic landscape.

The yard is now home to a variety native and near-native plants. Cactus rescues from the Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society add interest to the berm and low-water-use median planting area. The berm and median are also home drought-tolerant shrubs, succulents, and herbaceous perennials such as creosote, toothless desert spoon, and globe mallow. The basin bottom and rocky sides are seeded with native wildflowers for seasonal interest.