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More Mulch


Tucson, Arizona

Install Date:

March 2018

The owner wanted to create a space where she could relax and connect with friends. We worked together to create an inviting outdoor living space. We installed a 1000 gallon plastic cistern/rain tank to collect rainwater off her roof. Overflow from the cistern is directed to a series of interconnected water harvesting basins, where it helps support a vibrant native plant palette. Water in the tank can be used to help establish the new native plants and to supplement the irrigation for two existing fruit trees. A hose-bib timer was installed on the tank to automate irrigation. We installed a small area of dry-set flagstone that slopes toward the basins so that rain is directed to the plants.

Design elements included the following:

  • flagstone patio
  • water harvesting earthworks
  • native plants
  • 1000 gallon cistern/rain tank
  • mulch groundcover

designed and installed while at Watershed Management Group